Company Profile

BB Snacks Co., ltd.

BB Snacks is leading Thai manufacturer of crispy coated
green peas, crispycoated peanuts, roasted nuts and other
snacks. Established in 1982 with a factory in Phatum Thani,
just outside Bankok, the company currently employs in
its fully-automated modern plant

The company has made heavy investments in staff training
and new technology to enhance the quality of its products
and better serve customers. The deployment of the latest
Japanese know-how and equipment, plus meticulous
attention to quality control, help to create snacks that are
consistently excellent. The latest software on our computer
system enables the company to handle every order
efficiently while paying attention to special packing and
shipping instructions to meet customer requirements, no
matter how demanding. Such efforts have greatly
contributed to the continuous growth and success of
BB Snacks, making it a leader in the domestic and
export markets of high-quality snack foods